Copper Barrel Distillery: T.G.I.F. March 18

The Copper Barrel Distillery is a fairly new company (2013), based in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.  This is a big deal since Wilkes County is noted for two interrelated historical contributions.  One of these is Nascar racing and the other is moonshine. You may read more about this fascinating series of events here.

Copper Barrel Distillery: T.G.I.F. March 18It is stated that current master distiller Buck Nance has been distilling for his entire life and takes pride in his knowledge and the final product.  Naturally, he is glad to be doing this on a legal basis now.  So are we.

When we opened up the Copper Barrel package, we wondered if it was a media kit, as it is so well-done.  The milk jug like bottles sit side-by-side in a foam packing box.  There were two ready-to-send postcards, a barrel-shaped business card and germane literature. 

Well, it wasn't a media kit.  But, it is beautifully done!


  • (1) 96 Proof Red Cherry Moonshine (750ml) MSRP $23.95
  • (1) 96 Proof White Lightning Moonshine (750ml) MSRP $23.95

Red Cherry Moonshine

Oddly enough, the nose is 100% ethanol.  That's it.  The bottle actually has cherries floating in it.  We don't notice the cherry at all, until the very end.  But, we hear that it's good with Diet 7-Up?  Really smooth with only a minimal burn.

White Lightning Moonshine

The nose is 94% ethanol.  However, there's something else which is not discernible.  It is extremely smooth.  It's easy to see how these spirits have won awards.  We've found that if you do a 50/50 soda to White Lightning, you could probably drink yourself into a stuttering, can't-stand-up state of comfort before too long.  The finish has no burn.  None.

The moonshine is available at many ABC stores.  In fact, the 15th of this month marks a significant event for Copper Barrel, as over 60% of ABC Boards will now carry the stuff!  Hopefully, they will soon, or in the near future, spider out over the rest of the country?

About the Copper Barrel Distillery:

The Copper Barrel Distillery creates handcrafted spirits that are the epitome of authenticity and come from the legendary heritage of Wilkes County - the "Moonshine Capital of America". Every drop of their spirits are made in their stillhouse using grains from North Carolina farms & mills and well water from the Crystalline-Rock Aquifer under Wilkes County.

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