AYL 900 Lumens CREE LED Tactica Flashlight

The product arrives well-packaged in a box which is well-designed.  The product is also attractively designed.  I'm pretty sure that I could use it to put a big hurt on someone, if necessary. 

AYL 900 Lumens CREE LED Tactica Flashlight
Just as an aside, it might be helpful to show an image of the flashlight in 2 pieces as we worked with it for a good bit to locate and unscrew the battery compartment.  The product turns at the top (focusing) and un/screws towards the bottom.  Or, perhaps an image on the included, "Thank you" card?

The product works just fine.  It features a clip on the side for pocketing and a carrying strap at the end.  My only concern is the possibility of rust.
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