Vintage Retro T-Shirts (4 T-Shirts)

These t-shirt's are a pretty navy blue.  The graphic looks good.  There are no visible flaws, no loose threads, no dangling strings, none of that.  They are pre-shrunk.  You have to love that.
Product Review: Vintage Retro T-Shirts (4 T-Shirts)
The shirts have a 1/2" hem on the bottom, which is preferable to the longer hems.  The longer ones tend to roll up and get pretty obnoxious.  It's massively stinkful.  Also, the fabric is soft and comfortable.

These are meant to be birthday gifts, with the year representing birth year.  However, people buy t-shirts and I'm not entirely sure that these need a gimmick.  I buy a lot of them, just for kicking around in the house.

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