Single and Double-Tread Slippers

There are several hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who use these very socks.  They are color coded for size differentiation, have a soft, terry cloth interior, pull perspiration away from the feet and are very comfortable. 

Normally, wearing socks without shoes is not something that your gentle writer cares to do.  However, as she ages, she finds that cold feet is obnoxious. Hence, she is getting accustomed to this custom. 

Single and Double-Tread SlippersWe like these.  Our only issue is that we didn't order the correct size and this means that the cuffs only come half way up.  We own our error though.  We only add this information as a warning to others.  When you order your slipper socks, think about the sizes first.

A single pair of the single-tread slippers retail for $2.85 and $3.85 per pair ($48.50 and $49.75 for 48 pairs).  The double-tread slippers retail for $4.50.  However, you may buy 48 pairs of them for $65.50 (from the link below).  You'd never run out of socks!  Ever.

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