Simply Coding: Learn to Code

We are impressed with Simply Coding.  They offer live streaming and game design competitions to further their craft and to truly be interactive with students.  We had a course code issue and the company representative replied quickly and politely.  So, yeah.  We were geared to like them.

The course that we are reviewing is, "JavaScript - Platform," and it arrived quickly and was well-packaged.  The course focuses on those ten-years-of-age and older, for those wishing to learn how to create computer games with JavaScript.  It is a school approved curriculum and STEM certified. 
Simply Coding: Learn to Code

The course has no educational prerequisites, is organized into 10 lessons and teaches one to write their own, "Pong," and, "Fish" (like and, "Platform."  You may also chat with mentors for additional assistance.  One is admonished against using Internet Explorer for the duration of the course.

This course has an easy to understand layout.  It's very organized.  If you're into the whole gaming thing, you'll love this!

About Simply Coding:

Simply Coding is an organization dedicated to creating high-quality digital learning programs for the children. The company's JavaScript Game Design Software is now selling successfully at Amazon.

 Vital Link:  Amazon

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