Secure 4-Pocket Walker Storage Pouch, Black

I was able to test this on the walker that I received following knee surgery.  The straps are adjustable and much easier to strap on to a walker than the asket that on it.  That basket is a Hello Kitty basket and it's just not really big enough.  The bicycle bell that came with the basket was too small to fit onto the walker too. 

Secure 4-Pocket Walker Storage Pouch, Black
This pouch works just fine.  It was one zippered area and three pockets in front that are covered in mesh.  They're good for keys, as I seem to lose mine entirely too often.  They're also good for a wallet and a pen.

I don't have any complaints.  I just want to know why there seem to be none who make these pouches in different colors.  Not everyone who needs a walker is a senior citizen and a serious one at that. 

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