Risen (2016)

We wondered if a Biblical event, as told through eyes of a non-believer would be interesting, or even, could be interesting.  Not so much.  Actually, if you consider the ways that it is, they aren't great;

  • There were only two significant moments which demonstrated the compassion of Jesus
  • Mary wasn't present much
  • Martha never came around

A significant Christian event as dictated by the norms of fiction.  Blech.  Come to think of it, what kind of crowd would appreciate Risen? 

Christians?  No.  Its non-truths are offensive.

Risen (2016)Non-Christians?  Is there a significant number of non-believers who care?

We attended the showing with wonderment and left feeling frustrated.  There was a lot of whispering and we are somewhat deaf.  If Risen could have risen to some modicum of entertainment, it would have done so by giving the viewer more.

More volume.
More bass with music (which we did enjoy).
More drama.
More believability.

As it is.  Pass.  Though, it's too late for this viewer.  In fact, we were more focused on that sore on Clavius' lip, which never did heal.

Directed by: Kevin Reynolds

Introduced: February 19, 2016 (USA)

Produced by: Patrick and Paul Aiello, Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Written by: Paul Aiello, Kevin Reynolds

Starring:  Joseph Fiennes, Peter Firth, Tom Felton

Rated: PG-13

Time: 1 Hour, 47 Minutes

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