Puzzle Pax

This is a beautiful, personalized product for which we will have a difficult time remaining objective for the duration of a review.  It's just too beautiful and has our URL on it.  However, there are a few flaws.  A few.  But, yeah.

Puzzle PaxOh, and that image to the right there is Sparkles.  She was fascinated with the crate too.  She gave it a good sniffing!

Watch out for the splinters!  We were careful and still had access to a couple of them.  This type of wood is probably impossible to cut without them.  Just be careful and remove them as you see them.
Puzzle Pax
We considered gluing the thing together as we were not getting the concept of the cross bars/slats.  But, once we realized what we were doing wrong, we were able to correct it for the most part.  We're not sure what to do about the bottom ones.  They got stuck at 1:00 o'clock.  We tried to correct this with pliers and were successful.  But,  the wood was somewhat marred.

It may not sound we liked the product.  But, we seriously do.  We won't even use it.  We'll put it on a shelf where we may see it on a frequent basis.

We give this product 5 stars on Amazon, so as not to punish the seller with our somewhat lacking of construction skills.

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