Ottilie & Lulu: Naturals for Tweens

Ottilie & Lulu (O&L) is a company which offers skin care products for young ladies who are not yet women, but, are no longer children.  Our youth require gentle products, which are dermatologist and allergy tested.  They need products which are not tested on animals, such as these.

Last year, when we reviewed this product, we gave the items to 12-year-old, "Marigold," to test and she loved them.  Wildly enough, when we told her that we would be reviewing these again, with her assistance, she remembered O&L!  This is incredible considering all that she keeps up with (school sports, etc.). 

Ottilie & Lulu: Naturals for Tweens

Clean Skin Face Wipes

Marigold liked these and stated that they felt good on her face.

Everyday Facial Moisturizer & Sunscreen SPF 20

This product has a very feint aroma.  But, here again, she liked these.

Ottilie & LuluBerry-Flavored Lip Balm Ball, SPF 20

Another reviewer and I happened to be with Marigold and we all loved the smell of this!  It comes in a half-ball shape and it's green.  She should be able to find it when she needs it, amongst all that stuff she keeps in her backpack.

Beautifully Decorated Gift Bag

We all liked this one too.  However, Marigold stated that she was too old for this.  She says that about a lot of things, though. 

Overall, this is excellent for your tween girl.  It is clear that O&L carefully consider packaging, design and marketing.  We cannot imagine getting something like this when we were that young.  That would have been so cool.

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