Moore Carden Vintage Multifunction Canvas Shoulder Bag

This canvas shoulder bag is available in black and brown.  It's perfect to use as a purse, carry-all, for camping, hiking or just hanging out in the woods.  The minute I first saw it, I had 3 people lined up to take it.  Some people got they nerve.  This is mine!

Pockets are the name of this game.
Moore Carden Vintage Multifunction Canvas Shoulder Bag
The front flap bears the Moore Carden Logo and there's a zipper at the top of the flap.  Once you pull up this flap, you unearth Another zippered area.  Behind this are the 2 largest areas.   the first of these has a zippered compartment with mesh netting over it, so that you may see the contents if the light is compliant.  Across from that is another zippered area.

The second largest zippered area is the smaller one of the two and has no further compartments.  Ont he back of the bag is an outside zippered area.  Finally, there are two outside pockets on either side of the bag, which are shorter than the height of the bag and perfect for tissue packets, pens and other items. The bag also has a carrying strap for shoulder carriage and a handle atop the bag.

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