Doctor Recommended Hearing Amplifier

Testing this product was more of an exercise in futility than not.  I tried for ten minutes to get the amplifier on my ear and eventually just passed the item on to another review for testing.  She's 69 and has yet to find an aid or any product of this type to assist with hearing loss as a result of nerve damage.

Doctor Recommended Hearing AmplifierHowever, she could not get the product to do anything and while it's entirely possible that the battery was dead, we simply do not have the patience to pursue it.  Granted, it was a huge plus that the seller included a battery. 

But, because it's not a AA or AAA, we aren't motivated to try and replace it. 

What I did find was other hearing amplifier's on other web sites for just a hair under $20.00 that look to be much sturdier.

Vital Link:  Amazon

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