Disney Love Medley: Why We Love A Capella

You will notice the stars of this video as Grammy Award Winner Kirstin Maldonado from the sublime Pentatonix, Jeremy Michael Lewis and Voctave.

YouTubeWow.  Where to start.  Maldonado is probably 5'2" of pure talent.  She takes this incredible medley and makes it her own.  Lewis is awesome too.  However, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Voctave's soprano voice!  In this video, she's the one on the far left corner and her singing power is something that we've rarely seen.

While she detracts nothing from Maldonado, her part leaves us in literal tears.  Seriously.  Sobbing.

This is why we love a capella.  If a group a big enough, it can hide some ills; missed notes, cracked notes, off-key business, etc.  But, with a group this size, every single note is critical.  If there's any kind of ills in this video, we have certainly missed it. 

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