Daniel Burrus of Burrus Research: January-February, 2016

We've come across a business blog on LinkedIn which we would like to recommend to others.  The posts are informative, well-written and well-done.  The blog is written by Burrus Research.  The writer is Daniel Burrus, who is a Tech Futurist, Public Speaker and an Innovation Expert. 

For your perusal, we've included the last posts for the month of January;

Daniel Burrus of Burrus Research: January, 2016Are You Minding Your Tech Communication Language?

Crowdsourcing Your Innovation

Facebook Unlocking Dark Social’s Potential

Game Changer: Immersive Experiences Will Change Your Future

Gen Z Will Change Your World Again

How Fitness Tracking Could Transform Your Healthcare

Shifting Your Workforce with Crowdsourcing

Super Bowl Notebook: Has TV Become 'The Second Screen'?

The Race to Replace Your Password

Why Smart Cities, Businesses and Homes Will Transform Your Life

Your Digital Footprint and Why You Need To Manage It

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