Craft Beer Menu Monday: Starr Hill Brewery

Starr Hill Brewery was founded in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 1999.  However, Charlottesville native Mark Thompson had been working to foster that end.  This began circa 1990.  Then, he happened upon an old friend who shared the dream.  They wanted great beer and a music venue.  It's a beautiful story, which was meant to be.


(2) Little Red Roostarr: Coffee Cream Stout (11 Proof)
(2) Reviver Red IPA  (12 Proof)

Little Red Roostarr: Coffee Cream Stout

Craft Beer Menu Monday: Starr Hill BreweryLittle Red Roostarr is an All Access Series Ale.  This means that it is available in limited quantities on draft.  It's also available in 4-packs of 12 ounce bottles. 

Little Red Roostarr is a full-bodied milk stout, which is brewed with coffee.  It smells like breakfast or a jaunt into a Barnes and Noble at the height of a heavily trafficked brewing session.  Tastes like coffee too!  Yummmmm. 

It's sweet, chocolate-y and has notes of caramel.  The coffee is also present in a tasteful way.  This is probably why this is one of our most favorite craft beers.  EVER.  You can get it from January to March and you'd be goofy not to.

Reviver Red IPA

Reviver Red IPA is a Spring Seasonal, which is sold from February to April.  It was ranked number 31 IPA in the country by Paste Magazine.  It has a beautiful ruby-red color, a medium body, a slight bitterness and a firm maltiness.  Selected by hand hops include Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic. 

Feel free to use Starr Hill Brewery's Beer Finder.

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