Best Mom Ever Glass Coffee Mug

When this product arrived, I showed it to my mother and asked to whom I should gift it.  She let out an exclamation of delight and spouted a couple of names.  I told her that I was kidding and that she would receive it after I had reviewed it. 
Best Mom Ever Glass Coffee Mug

Photograph ideas included her drinking from it or pointing to the decal on it, just in case any particular viewer weren't sure to whom the mug belonged.

Then, these two images happened and I like them.

Best Mom Ever Glass Coffee Mug
There appear to be some very small imperfections on the bottom of the mug, which in no manner effect its appearance or functionality.  Otherwise, it is without flaw.  The decal is in two places on the mug, which is somewhat heavy, simply because it is comprised of glass. 

This is an excellent gift.

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