Bear Republic Brewing Company Celebrates 20 Years of Business

January, 2016 marks a twenty-year anniversary for Bear Republic Brewing Company.  To mark this occasion, they will be sharing the joy on Monday, February the 29th.  Festivities will begin at 7:00 p.m. and end at 10:00 p.m.  The attached image details all that you need to know.  Worthy of note is a $20 admission, for which attendees will receive a commemorative glass, 5 beer tickets, hors d' ouvres and so much more!

Bear Republic Brewing Company Celebrates 20 Years of Business
In 2015, Bear Republic was recognized by the Brewers Association as the 39th largest craft brewery in the United States and they've continued to grow from there.  They've become an integral part of the community and have donated to many organizations to foster good will.  Recipient's have included Big Brothers Big Sisters, PTA, Special Education and many more.

Mark your calendars and plan on fun, possible frolicking and beer swilling joy.

About Bear Republic:

Bear Republic Brewing Company is a family-owned and team-oriented California craft beer company which began with the simple act of brewing beer at home.  This was the enzymatic act which began it all.  The people wanted excellence.  They wanted quality.  They wanted to drink a good beer.

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