The Mike Hess Brewery and Beer Can Appreciation Day, 2016

Beer Can Appreciation Day memorializes the first day in 1935, when beer was sold in cans.  Think for a moment, if you will, about the history created since that day.  Beer can collectors span the globe.  Beer can emptiers also span the globe. 

Beer Can Appreciation Day, 2016Ginae Says has located the perfect company recommendation to support this momentous day.  That company would be Mike Hess Brewing in San Diego, California.  Recently, Mike Hess Brewing introduced a new line of beer cans (AKA Open Mike), which feature the 360 end lid. 

The 360 end lid removes 97% of the end of your can.  This allows for a stronger aroma-to-consumer area and therefore and enhanced tasting experience, as the primary benefit.  These are well-designed cans too! 

We had the pleasure of taste testing each of the 5 cans/flavors and can attest to the excellent selection of available designs.  These include the following;

The Mike Hess Brewery and Beer Can Appreciation Day, 2016Double IPA (Habitus) 
IPA (Solis)
Kolsch-Style Beer (Claritas)
Orange Honey Wheat (Jucundus)
Vienna-Style Cream Ale (Grazias)

If we haven't already stated the following, here we go; Ginae Says recommends Mike Hess Brewing for Beer Can Appreciation Day.  No glass needed.

San Diego is recognized as one of the top craft beer destinations in the United States. In fact, there are more than 70 microbreweries to choose from, and new spots continue to pop up, like Mike Hess Brewery
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