SoupBoxLove for National Soup Month

SoupBoxLove is a Boulder, Colorado subscription box service company which offers a new seasonal, artisanal soup mix (8 servings) and gourmet treats. Their focus extends past that to help create a better world.  Charity monies are given to Food Rescue Alliance, LA Kitchen and a Partnership for Native Americans.  

SoupBoxLove is perfect for National Soup Month!

SoupBoxLove for National Soup MonthReceived (Current Box):

  • (1) Black-Eyed Pea Soup (16.2 Oz)
  • (1) Hammond's Handmade Twist Lollipop - Lemon
  • (3) Cocomel's Coconut Milk Caramels (2 Pack)
  • (3) St. Claire's Organics - Peppermints (.53 Oz)

Subscriptions begin at $22.00 for a single box.  Next, is the LoveSharing Box for $40.00.  For $60.00, you may purchase a Healthy Resolutions Box, which is a 3-pack. 

Sixty dollars brings you a 3 months supply and for $110.00, you get a 6 month supply.  All of these options include a gift box option of the same size, contents and cost.  You have the option of just sharing all over the place!

For your information, SoupBoxLove offers two new box types for the new year;

  1. The Healthy Resolutions Box: A 3-pack sampler of soups packed with protein, super grains and super veggie: Black Eyed Pea, Quinoa Corn Chili and pumpkin soufflé
  2. Love Sharing Box: A 2-pack sampler perfect for Valentine's Day to inspire the romance of Italy and Cinderella's dream come true: Tuscan Sun Minestrone and pumpkin soufflé

About SoupBoxLove:

SoupBoxLove is a new artisan soup kit subscription based in Boulder, Colorado, that believes in “Gourmet Goodness that Gives Back.” We deliver small-batch dry soup mixes to your door and subscription proceeds give back to charities fighting hunger.

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