Monkey Around Baby Bandana

Upon visual inspection of the Monkey Around Baby Bandana's (they come four to a package), I see some slight thread issues.  However, there is only one on each of the monkey-faced bibs and it's small, doesn't lead to a big run.  My issue is that I can't cut them without possibly messing up the bibs beyond all repair. 

Monkey Around Baby BandanaOther than that, I really like these.  They're cute, otherwise well-made and well-packaged.  They arrive in a simple, well-designed package, have adjustable snaps for a better fit, are for boys and girls and eco-friendly. 

Even the color of the bibs was well considered.  They are khaki/beige and will match most outfits.  I need one of these in my size for eating pizza.  So messy!

We like the seller too.  When asked why she created this product, she responded with,

I am very passionate about my organic cotton bandana bibs as I designed them for my son and I couldn't find good quality anywhere.

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