Joe's Neighbours

Joe's Neighbours has an American Gothic feel to it.  Before you know much about the book, if you are looking at the link below and happen to scan the book description, you take the gentleman on the cover to be a rural worker.  This makes, neigh forces you to look closer.

Joe's NeighboursWe learn that Joe Mendelson has his own definition of neighbour, not to mention spelling. 

For Mendelson, a neighbor is one with whom there are frequent interactions.  Some might consider this concept as more descriptive for a community rather than a neighbour.  However, this description doesn't fit the book or its concepts.

Mendelson resides in south-central Ontario, east of Parry Sound, west of Algonquin Park.  There is no public transportation system there.  This is indeed, a rural area.  It would seem that a visitor is a big deal here.

Mendelson's neighbours do not have surnames.  Their portraits are not always complementary.  However, they are all fascinating.  We catch ourselves looking into the eyes of these representative's.  How old are they?  What was he/she thinking about at the time that they were captured? 

We realize, after having perused part of the neighbourhood that we've been on a journey.  We've spent some time in Canada.  We've dealt, nose first, into the throws of whimsy.  We realize that when we exit sylvan trees we're still the same.  But, we're a little happier for having gone.

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