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The great Cookie Dough Obsession (CDO) begins with a hand-written note.  The best reviews usually do.  It's so thoughtful and doesn't take much time.

Here at Ginae Says, we only deal in the straight up.  We will try to be nice when leaving a less-than-stellar review.  We might not even write the review if we think that it will bury a company. 

Product Review: Cookie Dough ObsessionHence, when the company representative with whom we dealt relayed to us just exactly what she would be sending, we thought, "Ugh!  Tight butt freak shows!  They probably thought that we should pay for this!  The temerity!"

Granted, if you look at the sizes on the CDO website, you might be thinking, "Well, I am underwhelmed."  And, you might be as wrong as we were. 

When the CDO box arrived, it was heavy.  Not just, "Oh, man!  Does a box boy come with this, so that they can carry it?"  No.  This was like, "Did they pack up some extra brick and concrete!?!" 

What you can't tell from looking at product images is that they are really big!  Product is available in two sizes, which are Delight (the smaller one) and Indulge (the OMG(oodness) bigger one)!  Even the smaller ones are of a most generous proportion. 


We bellowed to the heavens, "HOW COULD WE BE SO WRONG!?!"

Well, that didn't happen.  We just thought that we would spice this up a bit with some drama.  In actuality, this is a wonderful product with wonderful company representative's with wonderful customer service.


So, where to get yours?  At the website.  Listed below.  You're welcome.

About Cookie Dough Obsession:

Cookie Dough Obsession makes safe-to-eat, shelf-stable cookie dough. It is ready to eat right out of the bowl. If you like sneaking cookie dough while making cookies, this company was created for you. Now you can safely indulge your childhood desire to lick the cookie dough bowl. It's so satisfying it feels like you're doing something wrong. Cookie Dough Obsession's cookie dough is created fresh when you place your order. Made with coconut oil, our dough only contains natural ingredients. There are no artificial colors nor flavors.

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