Advanced Oral Probiotics

I always think that it's nice when you receive extra literature with your Amazon purchase.  This company sounds out a .PDF file entitled, "Great Oral Health."  The email also includes product information, which is nice. 

As for the product itself, they aren't too big to get down my sensitive throat.  The taste is neutral.  They don't upset my sensitive tummy.

As for product benefits, I am guessing that it probably takes awhile before you really notice and/or receive benefit.  But, I am motivated as they promote oral health.
Advanced Oral Probiotics


I didn't discover until just a few days ago, that while ordering this product for review, that I had inadvertently signed up for a subscription to this product.   I didn't notice until the costs, totaling almost $80.00 showed up in my account.  I could have done something funny when I ordered, or, this was purposely done, somewhat.  I'm just saying to be careful.

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