Topaz Unisex T10BZ113 Any Time Watch

Initial notations are positive.  Yes, the band is somewhat thin.  However, if you are wearing a watch while sweating out a hot situation, then, that band was going to get really gross, really fast anyway. 

Topaz Unisex T10BZ113 Any Time Watch

But, the watch was running just fine upon having pulled it from the packaging.  It was an hour behind Texas time, so, I pulled out the winding knob to reset it.  I thought that I was being gentle, as I don't otherwise set a watch as often as once a year.  I don't.  I'm retired.  I don't care what time it is.

When I pulled out the pin, it became stuck.  I couldn't do anything with the watch at that point.  I know that it carries a 2-year warranty.  I also know that I won't mess with a warranty.  But, I did contact the company.  They did not respond.

I have a neighbor who can fix anything, so I took the watch to him.  He took the watch in his hands, removed a piece of plastic from the winder and reset the watch.

It runs just fine now and my neighbor has a new watch.  Sighing.  I will move on.

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