Craft Beer Menu Monday: Shock Top: Twisted Pretzel Wheat

Shock Top is an Anheuser-Busch company.  While researching Shock Top, we learned that they are big into social responsibility programs and there have been many.  To name just a few, these include;
Shock Top: Twisted Pretzel Wheat
Shock Top: Twisted Pretzel Wheat

This is our second review for Shock Top and we are just as delighted this time around as we were back then (2014).  Twisted Pretzel Wheat is a limited edition Belgian-style unfiltered wheat ale ale, which has a rich caramel hue.  It was designed to taste like a pretzel.

Twisted Pretzel Wheat has a nose of toast.  Toasted what?  We are not sure.  We do not get the pretzel part.  But, it's malty good, nonetheless.  We perceive toasted nuts or chocolate.  It's just delightful!

Twisted Pretzel Wheat is available in 6-pack and 12-pack glass bottles and 16 oz cans.  You can get yours @ at retail stores nationwide and on draft at select locations for a limited time (November, 2nd to February 29th). 

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