Pine Scotch Essential Oil

We feel ambivalent about this essence.  When one sticks ones nose to the bottle, the aroma is unpleasant.  Hence, you back off and pour a few drops into the diffusor.
Pine Scotch Essential Oil

Then, you are not sure whether or not you like it, or you do not.  It is supposed to have an earthy smell.  All we can surmise is that there are points when we like it and at others times, we simply do not. 

Weird.  The company has good prices though.  It's worth it just to try it.

About Simply Earth:

Simply Earth (S.E.) is a company which sells essential oils, deodorizers and a few other things.  And, they're on a mission.  Co-founders Dustin and Lee Veldkamp (brothers) began S.E. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The time was just right for such a thing.

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