Parfumerie de France

Parfumerie de France
Parfumerie de France is an online store which sells French luxury perfumes for women and men.  Products are sent within the continental United States.  They've been in existence since 1980. 

For Your Perusal:

  • (1) Absolument Absinthe: Absolument Parfumeur MSRP $155.00
  • (1) Absolument Femme: Absolument Parfumeur MSRP $155.00
  • (1) Absolument Homme: Absolument Parfumeur MSRP $155.00
  • (1) Best of France 2015: Eau de Parfum MSRP $59.00

Historically, we here at Ginae Says do not appreciate French perfumes.  However, the company representative with which we dealt was so awesome.  So, here we are.

Absolument Absinthe: Absolument Parfumeur
Fresh linens.  Just a clean smell.  Slightly citrus. 
Sillage: 1
Longevity: 4

Absolument Femme: Absolument Parfumeur
This is very strong at first.  Too strong.  Floral.  Citrus. 
Sillage: 4
Longevity: 5

Absolument Homme: Absolument Parfumeur
This one is for the manfolk and we really like it.  It has a slight citrus edge.
Sillage: 1
Longevity: 5

Best of France 2015: Eau de Parfum
This is odd.  This one is for men and smells of orange zest, some other citrus element and pepper.  At least, these are at the forefront.  It's very nice.  Just really different.
Sillage: 2
Longevity: 5

Seriously, this is the first time that we have ever enjoyed French essence's.  Ever!  These are available on the website listed below.

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