Hand Exercise & Stress Relief Ball by Koh Fit

Before I retired, I typed at a tested 85 words per minute with 97% accuracy.  It did this for years and never got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I am guessing that the reason why I never got it is because I would always stretch my hands, do wrist rolls and threw a ball into the air and caught it where it was appropriate to do so.

Hand Exercise & Stress Relief Ball by Koh Fit

I do not recommend this to everyone because we all have different issues.  I am saying that it worked for me.  I am six years past retirement, and still keep up a pretty good speed.  I am also still throwing a ball into the air and doing hand exercisers.

Still, I do not have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Koh Fit makes it easy to do such things when they sell these balls, then, include a .PDF entitled, "Hand Therapy Guide."  It's not a long or verbose file.  It simply tells you how to do certain exercises.  Smart!

I was worried when one of the cat's got a hold of it.  But, there were no claw or teeth marks once I got it back.  So, it's sturdy too!  It's also easier to play with this one than it is a tennis ball.  This one is much softer.
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