Christmas Snowflake Pashmina Scarf

This is odd.  The scarf that I received looks similar to the examples shown.  But, only similar.  It does have hearts on it and it's reversible.  This scarf is red on one side with beige hearts and is beige on the other side with red hearts.  It also sports tassels.

Christmas Snowflake Pashmina Scarf

The scarf seems somewhat thin.  However, if you wrap it around your neck it will keep you warm.  It's comprised of 100% acrylic and there are a few flaws.  But, this seems to be the norm, considering this type of material.

The scarf is of good size.  You could probably lay it horizontally on the back of your sofa, if you wished.  'Course, this would only attract loungers of the canine and feline sort.  Yeah.  They're good for that.

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