Christmas 2015 Gift Guide: For Everyone

This is the official Ginae Says 2015 Gift Guide: for Everyone Edition.  We've selected our top three favorite brands with a persnickety palate.  This is what we recommend for all.  Sometimes, we wish that we weren't so picky.  But, this is who we are.

Showers Pass

Showers Pass 

Showers Pass is a Portland, Oregon company which sells technically engineered cycling clothing and gear for racers, commuters, messengers and ever day cyclists.  They've been doing this since 1997.  Also worthy of note is the fact that Showers Pass offers an unconditional guarantee for outerwear for two years from purchase date.  Who else does that? 

The item that we have received is the Little Crossover Rain Jacket for girls.  It retails for $69.00, is well-constructed, well-made, durable and tough.  It's also beautiful.  Yes, a beautiful rain jacket. 



TECHLINK International is U.K. company, which is a global market leader in specialist cables, supports and accessories for home cinema, hi-fi and personal computing. 

Mobile phones and devices are the hottest electronic rage for at least the past year.  Well, we need to charge up these items to keep them mobile and mobile chargers is one thing that Techlink does.  This one in particular is the silver and white ultra thin 3000.  It's beautiful, lightweight and perfect little hands.  Also in the box is a leather carrying pouch and a charging cable.

The Mountain

The Mountain

The Mountain is a a wonderful, online t-shirt joint and their line of merchandise grows even more expansive with every passing year.

Personnel is wonderful.  The designs are excellent.

The t-shirts?

They last.  They wear. They stand up to constant washings and still look good.

This is our third Mountain t-shirt and we still recommend them.  They carry plus sizes too!

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