Andin's Essentials Peppermint Oil

This is a big ol' bottle of peppermint oil for the money.  Normally, if you wish to
pay $16.49 for this stuff, you get a smidge over half of this size.  It's a good
deal, before we even begin reviewing.

Andin's Essentials Peppermint Oil

It is an excellent aroma and certainly on time, as Christmas is next week.  Good
times!  We normally have at least two diffusors going on at any particular time
of day.  We only need to burn this essence in one of those diffusors, for an
overall, far-reaching aroma. 

Andin's Essentials Peppermint Oil is invigorating, conducive to a positive holiday
spirit and is good for many purposes.  Seriously.  Google it.  It's a lot!

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