Tomato Lip Plumper by Echen, Inc.

This absolutely, positively has to be the strangest beauty item that we have ever come across as a product reviewer.  This is why I've had the product for a couple of weeks now and even though I've been reading the enclosed, "How To," pamphlet and putting the 'mato up to my lips to test, I never got the hang of things.
Tomato Lip Plumper by Echen, Inc.

Either I can't figure it out, or, it's every bit the beauty quackery product that I suspect it to be.

If it did what it was supposed to do, my scrawny/thin white girl lips would rejoice, on their own, with no prompting from me.  But, I can't make it work.  Me and my thin, white girl lips, we tried.

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