Shock Shutter

Shock Shutter is a Colorado company, which was the first company to create a tamper resistant (TR) electrical outlet cover.  This provides another way to keep your infants and toddlers safe from what must otherwise be an on-the-wall fun outlet.  This simple item is comprised of a durable plastic and the areas behind the holes are blocked with a black plastic.  Hence, the piece still works as it's supposed to, sans the shock, burn or burning shock that one could get if one were to shove an untwisted wire hanger into the opening, for example.  We actually did that as a toddler. 

Shock Shutter

Otherwise, the cover functions as it's supposed to.  It's just tamper proof.  This is a good thing.  What we don't get is why the round or u-shaped hole isn't explained.  We did some research to ascertain that this portion of the outlet is grounded and therefore, not a threat.  We do think that this should at least be addressed by the company on the website.  Some of us don't know these things.

The plate is available in white or ivory as a Duplex and Decor.  Shutter Shock is soon to launch an Indiegogo campaign.  These may be purchased at that time.

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