Sentey Phaint Headphones

The Sentey Phaint Headphones are packaged differently than we've ever experienced before.  They are packaged in a plastic package with a ziploc top.  Once this is opened, the 'phones are located inside of a hard shell plastic case.  There is also a user manual. 

To these the Sentey Phaint Headphones we listed to World Class Wrecking Crew's, "Before You Turn off the Lights."  They did a great job!  The bass was real and representin'.  And that high note, at the very end? 

Sentey Phaint Headphones

These are the best headphones of the Sentey name that we have reviewed, up to date!

About Sentey:

Sentey was founded in 2001 and hails from Doral, Florida.  They are an international company with a firm foothold in the IT industry.  Sentey designs their products to be innovative and of sound performance and quality.  They also place a special emphasis on client support and service.

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