Ohuhu Charcoal Air Purifier Bags

These are sturdy bags, sewn up at the top and have no aroma.  None.  You can't even smell the enclosed charcoal.  The potato sack look is unique. 

Ohuhu Charcoal Air Purifier Bags

What some do not know is that charcoal sucks up bad smells.  It does this naturally.  This is why fundamentally, this is a great product.

For the first night of testing these, we placed them under a lip of the cat's bed and nothing really changed.  However, for the second night, we placed the bed into a bigger box and this resulted in a somewhat fresher-than-normal kitty bed. 

We do keep and change a towel, which spans the cat's bed.  But, leaving charcoal at the scene of the crime seems to help the situation as well.  These are really cool.  There is probably about a hundred ways to effectively use them.
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