Glow Stars Supernova

These are like, so cool.  The stars themselves are plastic and must be secured with putty.  That's right putty.  No cat spittle, hair glue, scotch tape, staples or yarn and string.  Removal time should be nothing.  Just pop a putty knife under and pull away.
Glow Stars Supernova

The box that the stars arrive in needs some strength.  I'm hoping that Addie and Emma can one day use corrugated boxes.  I nearly lost box contents on more than one occasion. 

I don't mean to put the product down though.  These are really nice.  I'm 49 and I really like them. 

Years ago, a friend ordered a similar product and they arrived stuck together, little, crumpled edges.  They were a papyrus mess.  Ugh! 

It's good to see that a worthy idea is still around and has improved in quality!
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