Crabby Gear Minimalist Wallet

This is a really neat little outfit.  It's super small.  However, you are free to hang your keys from it, strap your phone to it and it holds 1-10 cards. 

Crabby Gear Minimalist Wallet

A few weeks ago, we reviewed another itty bitty wallet.  But, it didn't fare as well because it lacked in details.  Crabby Gear has details, beginning with the small crab logo in the lower, left-hand corner. 

If we had a complaint, it would be that the wallet is just a tad too small.  This is a slight concern, as we sometimes lose things which we critically need.  The bigger an item is, the more that you are forced to deal with it.

The wallet is comprised of a stretchy elastic.  We are entirely too rough on some items to worry about longevity.  Our last wallet was a small, card holder, comprised of leather, had a pocket on the front and sold for a little over $50.00.

What's the point?

A hair under $15.00 seems a good deal for what ya get.

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