Blackhead and Pimple Remover Kit

I've never purchased such a product as this set before.  Really and basically, I never needed it.  However, it wouldn't hurt to try it now.  Perhaps, I was in denial about those blackheads?

Clearly, I was.

Blackhead and Pimple Remover Kit

  • (1) 6 Piece Surgical Extractor Tools Kit in a White, Plastic Container
  • (1) Ebook on the Blemish Kit

The product arrives in a plasticy, white container with a black zipper.  It has a serious look about it.  You would think that it would hurt to use this outfit and you would be slightly wrong.  The first time you use the kit, it takes a little bit of extra time to as you need to follow the instructions.

However, the instructions are easy and using the kit gets faster with time. There are 4 different extractors that you can choose from, a lancet and a spoon extractor.  The tools are comprised of stainless steel and each has a no-slip grip.  They are also easy to clean.  Love that!

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