Alaska Star Hat by CacheAlaska

This cap consists of 100% wool and is imported.  It's knitted by hand, designed in Alaska, which arguably provides the most harshest of living conditions around and is lined with warmth.  The name brand rests on the outer rim of the cap.

Alaska Star Hat by CacheAlaska

We gave this hat to our mother to model.  Now, we cannot get it back.  But, we would feel guilty trying to get it back considering that she loves it, it covers her ears (which are (for her) the first of body parts to freeze) and she loves the tassels on top.  So does our cat.  Hence, I have to store the hat in a hidden spot until the review is done, lest Sparkles try to abscond with the hat and wear it to the mall!  "No!  That's a bad kitty!"

The hat is really cute and functional.

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