We try every probiotic that we can due to a laundry list of physical sensitivities.  This includes throat, nose, wallet and stomach.  With Accuflora, we were hopeful that this could be a permanent contender. 

However, we were wrong.

Accuflora recommends dosage at 2 caplets, twice daily.  If we were to buy this product and swallow accordingly, we would be spending around $20.00 a month for two 60-caplet bottles.  This hits one of our sensitivities.

Our next criteria for probiotics include smell.  While Accuflora does have a slight aroma, it's not overwhelming or unkind.  So, no problem.

The caplets are of a reasonable size.  They never got hung up in our throat and threatened our airflow/life.  Hence, this is also not a problem.  Our final issue came from taking 1 caplet, twice daily.  This kept our tummy somewhat nauseous on a 24-hour basis.  No.  We'd rather be in pain than to suffer constant nausea.


Accuflora is not for us.

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