2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Loved Ones Far and Away: Yuzen Box

Here at Ginae Says, we recommend quarterly, monthly or one-time subscription gift boxes for holiday gifts when your recipients don't live down the street.  There are tons of them to cull through.  Types, sizes and varieties are just as varied as the number of those to choose from. 

We have reviewed a good number of these boxes and there are plenty of excellent ones out there.  However, for the important women in your life, the Yuzen Box is always our number one recommendation. 


They're outstanding.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Loved Ones Far and Away: Yuzen Box

The Yuzen Box is an eco-friendly, quarterly subscription box.  It's also one of the best boxes that you can get.  It's upper scale, thoughtfully selected products are sure to make you feel that you've received a gift from a dear friend.  This is one true hallmark of an excellent box.

Received (Winter Box, 2015):
  • (1) 21 DROPS "Sleep" Essential Oil Blend
  • (1) Black Dahlia Nail Lacquer
  • (1) CO-PUR Facial Scrub & Mask
  • (1) KIMBERLY PARRY ORGANICS Sweet Orange & Cranberry Scrub
  • (1) LEVEL NATURALS Organic Menthol & Cucumber Shower Bomb
  • (1) SALUS Organic Lotion Bar
  • (1) SANITAS SKINCARE Oil Free Moisturizer
  • (1) THE TEA ROOM CHOCOLATE COMPANY Dark Organic Chocolate Bar Infused

Subscribing is easy too.  Simply sign up.  Your recurring cost is $33.00 per seasonal box, for a 3-box subscription.  You are also free to purchase a single gift box.

Thank you Yuzen!

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