Your Photo Printed on Canvas

Ye-ah (Stated as though Lumbergh from Office Space were speaking). We are not as thrilled with this service as we thought that we would be. The product is an 11X14 canvas reproduction of one of our images and if you view the last image modification (online at client's website), this image is in focus, as was our original image.

Your Photo Printed on Canvas
This is the original image that Ginae Says sent in to Your Photo on Canvas.


  • (1) 11X14 Canvas Reproduction

When viewed from afar, the canvas reproduction doesn't seem to be terribly out of focus and this would be great, if the product in question were a Seurat reproduction, we would feel better about the whole deal.  But, it is not and we were tipped off that a problematic issue could arise during the ordering process, as there is no online notification/table/chart of resolution values versus order size. 

We inquired about this and were told that the image modification notification would take the place of such a thing.  Hence, we relaxed.  We relaxed until we received the final product and while it is incredibly awesome to be able to view one of our images hanging on a wall, the awesome loses value when we really look at it.

Your Photo Printed on Canvas
This is the last approved modification.  Very cropped.  Out of focus in the middle.
We didn't contact the company again.  We are very busy product reviewers, after all.  We do not have time for a bunch of back-and-forth.  We wish that we had done so, though.  The people with whom we dealt we really nice and the company seems focused on customer service.  We were really feeling the heat of an overworked schedule, which ebbs and wanes.

Now that the canvas image is hanging on the wall, it has taken on its own personality.  It's more loved.  If you look around the Internet, Your Photo on Canvas has a lot of excellent reviews and we don't wish to besmirch that reputation, because we get overwhelmed.

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