This Portable Wine Bag / Pouch (1 Pk) by Wine[A]Roo features durability, flexibility and portability.  It's also BPA free, eco-friendly and FDA approved.  But, it's probably not approved by public movie theaters, concerts or public lakes.  That's why you have to own one if you want to save money on buying your alcohol before you arrive at certain destinations.  Then, be extra sneaky.  We're thinking that you should also purchase cargo pants so that you can keep your contents out of sight.

The Wine[A]Roo is a pretty purple.  It holds 750ml (the standard big bottle size) and can fold up when empty.  It would also be good for toting your water about, as some water bottles can be heavy and/or cumbersome. 

Whatever you drink from Wine[A]Roo will not taste like plastic.  This is a real life, BIG bonus!  Just fill up, hide, consume, fold up, go home happy.

The Portable Wine Bag lists for $18.00.  But, it sells for $15.00.  On Amazon.

Vital Link:  Amazon

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