Selfie Tan'N Go Sunless

Selfie Tan'N Go Sunless is owned by Performance Brands, Inc. and has some great press around the Internet.  Don't believe us?  Have a look.  Google it.It is well-merited.


  • (1) 2 Hour Sungless Tube (6.78 Fl Oz) MSRP $28.00
  • (1) Continuous Sunless Spray (6 Fl Oz) MSRP $28.00

2 Hour Sungless Tube

The first time we applied this product, we didn't really know what to expect. The change in skin hue was minimal, as was the amount that we applied.  However, the more that we use it, the darker we get!  It's flawless, in fact.  There are no streaks, no funny colors that you wouldn't want on your skin and it has a feint aroma.  We love this.  Ingredients include vitamins A and E, green tea and kola extracts.

Continuous Sunless Spray

Selfie Tan'N Go Sunless
We handed this product over to one of our Ginae Says reviewers/testers, as she is a beautiful woman who is soon to turn 61.  She's been tanning for years.  We knew that her thoughts would have more gravity than our own.  These are her words;

Our first question is, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?"  As an avid tanner of many years, we have purchased a multitude of tanning products for home use and this is by far the best we've ever had!  It's very easy to use, just turn the top until you hear it click and spray.  The spray comes out evenly with no drip or run.  Results are instantaneous.  The color is not green or orange like many in the past have been. 

After if dries you can reapply if you are looking for a deeper, darker color. 

We exfoliated before use as it will absorb better and stay longer.  With this product, no sun is needed, nor are expensive tanning booths.  Prevent cancer and save money while achieving a lovely bronzing color.

To purchase your Selfie Sunless, simply go on over to the appropriate website.  Then, well, buy.  And enjoy!

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