Ridgemont Outfitters Introduces New Line of Hybrid Footwear

The collection is called, "The Monty," and it's designed for outdoor adventures, as well as indoor urban trekking.  The collection is inspired by the 70's and 80's.  But, they are an update. 

Ridgemont Outfitters Introduces New Line of Hybrid Footwear

“The underlying premise with Ridgemont is to create footwear capable of handling tough conditions that you can also wear out later, without looking like you're preparing to summit Denali. Our product gets you through the day, whether that means a weekend surf check, a strenuous hike, or your daily commute to your local breakfast spot,” states Stacy Lowery, founder. “We don’t want to replace your hard-core hiking boots. We just want you to wear our shoes instead of sneakers when you go camping or on a light hike so you’ll quit falling on your a__.”

  • Built on a traditional half-cup outsole
  • Exposed EVA midsole
  • Heel stabilizer to insure balance and comfort
  • Fabrics: Oiled suede – High grade nylon.


  • (1) Pair of Monty Lo  MSRP $95.00

The Monty Lo is a hybrid.  It's part Hiking Shoe and Part Urban Shoe.  We (inadvertently) wore them on a day when we would be trekking through a lot of pavement jungle to reach a hospital.  On the norm, we only wear a new shoe in small increments, so that we can get our feet acclimated to a new wearing environment.  But, life happens.

These are not as heavy as normal hikers.  They are also a little more flexible than most hikers.  Because we didn't have the chance to break them in, they are not as comfortable as they soon will be.

But, this will come.  Meanwhile, they look really awesome.  We requested the low-tops as these have worn heavy on our sensitive ankles in the past.  Even new, these are not hard on the ankles. 

These Monty Lo's are black with gray trim.  The laces are attractive too.  They are black with gray dots at half-inch intervals. 

The Monty collection may be purchased online at the company website, as listed below.  Ridgemont has other gear for sale at the same site.  The Monty Lo's go for $95.00 and the Monty Hi's go for $99.00.  Excellent!

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