RAW Wallet

This RAW Wallet is a little bitty ol' thing.  I knew that size was its major selling point.  But, man.  It only has room for some credit cards and that's all.  I lost critical things like key sets and I'm worried that I'll lose this thing, or try to shove a card down into the middle area, for which there's no pocket.  Sometimes, I am in a hurry to leave a cashier, as I wish to make room for the next person in line and receipts get crammed down into whatever crevice I think will hold contain them for that moment.

RAW Wallet

If none of the information above sound like you, then you might do well with the RAW Wallet.  It could be the beginning of a beautiful and tender relationship.  It's cute, well-sewn and made of a strong and stretchy elastic material. 

Our only issue is the cost of the wallet.  $13.97 seems a bit much for something that has to be sitting at the top of any given stack to allow me to see it.  Just sayin'.

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