Solar Christmas Lights by Innoo Technology

Innoo Technology is a company which sells various household products.  They also have a host of affordable lights, string lights, Christmas lights, etc.  They're fun, bright, versatile and beautiful.  They're affordable.  There's a sub-category for solar lights, which all of these happen to be.  Perfect for Christmas, parties or simple and cost-effective illumination.

These are also waterproof.  Hence, they may go outside.  Or, inside.

Innoo Tech Solar Christmas Lights 200 LED White Fairy String Lights


  • (2) Christmas Lights 200 LED White Fairy String Lights
  • (1) 100 LED String Lights
  • (1) 50 LED Flower Fairy

200 LED White Fairy String Christmas Lights

They are really small.  One by one, the bulbs could be taken for granted.  But, they are also powerful when they work as a team.  They have 8 light modes (combination, waves, sequential, slogs lo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash and steady on).

This set of Christmas Lights 200 LED White Fairy String Lights automatic and easy to use.  Your biggest time expenditure will be unraveling the lights.  These are 72 ft including a 6.5ft lead line.  The payoff is way worth it though.

In fact, I can't really think of anything more efficient than a product which is powered by the sun.  During the day, the lights are charging.  At night, they automatically come on.  Then, they shut off at night to sleep/charge.

Available from this link.

100 LED String Lights     
100 LED String Lights

These are the same product as is listed above.  However, there are only 100 of these, as opposed to the 200 (above).  These have two modes, which are flashing and static (steady-on).  They are 54.5-feet in length.  The 100 lights package may be had for $11.98.  Here.

50 LED Flower Fairy Multi Color Blossom Lighting
50 LED Flower Fairy Multi Color Blossom Lighting

These are just darling!  The length of the lights is 21-feet and includes a 5-foot lead line.  There are only 2 switches.  One is for power (off/on) and the other is for mode, which is either flashing or static.  My 12-year-old niece loves them!    
These can be had for $9.99 from this link here.

Furthermore, "We guarantee the Innoo Tech solar string lights for a lifetime of normal use."

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