Pet GiftBox: October, 2015

This is our fourth Pet GiftBox and it's always interesting to have the opportunity to do this, as it provides more insight about a company, how they work and why they do what they do.  Hence, we think that this company is either comprised of 2-4 multi-talented personnel and very organized or has somewhere between 10-11 employees who are super-focused in task. 

Either way, Pet GiftBox is smart.  They care what they do and they care about their target market.  Every box brings remarkable attention to details, fun toys that are not shredded after one robust play time and the attention of both Snoe and Sparkles for about the rest of the day.

Snoe and Sparkle are the official cats of Ginae Says.

Pet GiftBox: October, 2015
Pet GiftBox: October, 2015
Received for October's Box (Theme was Meowloween):
  • (1) Catnip Halloween Mouse
  • (1) Catnip Pumpkin Toy
  • (1) Cats in the Kitchen Pumpkin Jack Splash
  • (1) Feather Boa Wand
  • (1) Halloween Boo-Dand
  • (1) Lattice Balls

We like the Pet GiftBox because they fuss over the details.  The box is well-designed, the price is right and each month has a theme.  Unless our memory is just no at all effective, we haven't noticed other pet boxes having a theme.  The company hand writes the name of your pet right there onto the box.  They also include it in the shipping label.


Pet GiftBox prices begin at $27.99 for one month.  Next, is $22.99 per month when you buy 3-months in advance.  After that is $19.99 for a 6-month savings.  Lastly, cost goes down to $17.99 a month when you buy a year of cat and dog joy.

Oh, and by the way, if you wish to receive a healthy 25% discount off of your first box, please, use the coupon, "Ginae."  Good times!

About Pet GiftBox:

Pet GiftBox has been around since 2014, pleasing pets and delighting their owners ever since.  Pet GiftBox cares about our veterans too.  A portion of all proceeds will be given to America's VetDogs,® an organization serving the needs of veterans with disabilities.

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