KuisiWare Grill Lantern

The KuisiWare Grill Lantern arrives well-packaged.  The batteries are wrapped up on plastic and not sitting in the reservoir.  This is good as they can age like this and leak acid. 

Attention to detail is excellent too.  We didn't really look at the item until we received it and really, you could put this light anywhere as it attaches with a C-Clamp inside of an area which is curved, as thought to clamp onto a pipe, rail or pole.  The lamp has 10 very bright LED lights.  Luminous flux is 105 lumens. 

KuisiWare Grill Lantern

The light/lamp is also durable, weather resistant, versatile, energy efficient and comes with a life-time warranty, along with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.  This is our second or third KuisiWare item and again, we are pleased.  These are sturdy goods.

As for this one in particular, we love grilling at night.  Now, we'll be able to see whose is rare and whose are not!  Guests will appreciate this.

About Kuisiware:

Kuisiware is a new brand of high quality kitchen products dedicated to providing the best products and the best customer service to their customers. Their story tells how the company started and the direction they are going in.

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