Kmashi Portable Car Jump Starter

Possessing items such as these are critical for women.  I drive a newer car.  But, I also have access to the family hoopti.  I also carry AAA for motorists. 

However, sometimes, your car starts acting up and it can take the AAA guys forever to get to your location. Sometimes, it's late and you don't know where you're at.  Hence, the beauty of this product.  Study the users manual, so that you can have some idea about using the starter, should you need to.
Kmashi Portable Car Jump Starter
Kmashi Portable Car Jump Starter

How to Use the Car Jump Starter:

  1. Plug the jumper cable into the blue car jumper starter power port;
  2. Connect the red clamp to the positive(+) pole, black clamp to the negative(-) pole;
  3. Car ignition switch to start(START) position;
  4. After the car starts, immediately unplug the blue plug of jumper cable;
  5. Remove the battery clip from the car battery.

This is a small product too.  Normally, when you have to use a charger, it's a big ordeal, involving the wrangling and unwrapping of jumper cables, then, trying to hook up the correct colors to the appropriate battery terminals.  There is no hassle involved with using the Kmashi Portable Car Jump Starter.

This product is much smaller than a set of jumper cables, the power bank fits in the palm of your hand, has a flashlight with 3 modes (flashlight, strobe light & SOS signal).  You can charge your mobile phone with it, signal for help and start your car. 

The product is also attractively designed in red and black and it's virtually impossible not to connect every item in a perfect manner. 

The Kmashi Portable Car Jump Starter lists for $88.99.  However, it sells for $52.99.  The link to buy is just below this line.

About Kmashi:

WNT-LUXTECH CO., LTD. is a joint venture company with LUXTECH., LTD.  KMAX INVESTMENT, LLC's, primary priority is online selling by B2C e-commerce platforms.  “Kmashi” is the main brand of WNT-LUXTECH CO.,LTD.  Brand Concept is in the field of intelligent technology, committed to the research, development and promotion of intelligent products.  Main products include power banks, Bluetooth devices and intelligent home products.  Kmashi entered into B2C platforms in May of 2015 and offers a “30 Days (to) Change (your) Mind” guarantee, via free returns or exchange to improve the shopping experience.

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