Instant Read Thermometer by Innoo Tech

The Instant Read Thermometer, as featured and sold on the very last link in this article is a simple, easy to use, easy to see kitchen/outdoors kitchen implement.  If you've never endeavored any cooking/chef shows, then, you don't know how critical it is that you use an Instant Read Thermometer until the County Health Inspector shows us. 

Instant Read Thermometer by Innoo Tech
Instant Read Thermometer by Innoo Tech
However, even if your creative concoctions are not being sold to the public, you still need to check the temperature of meat, lest a beloved family member or guest fall ill at your hands.  All of the control buttons are located towards the right end of the tool.  It shuts off when you close the poker. 

The Instant Read Thermometer features accuracy, speedy, simplicity of usage and versatility.  One AAA battery is all that you need to mind your mind at ease.  You can use the thermometer on cold drinks too!

Product Specs:
  • Temperature Range: -50? ~ 300?
  • Display Units: 0.1?
  • Accuracy: ±1 ~ 3?
  • Voltage: 1.5 V (AAA Battery x 1, Not Included)
  • Standby Period: 10 minutes
This Instant Read Thermometer lists for $75.99.  But, it currently sells for $9.99.  On Amazon.

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